Thursday, 18 October 2012

171: Holes

The National Cheese Company of Switzerland has three levels of jobs and successful applicants should, with good annual progress, work their way through the structure in as little as ten years.  Pay is good and our employees report a high level of job satisfaction.  Let’s follow Johan as an example.

Johan started working for NCCS in an entry level position.  His daily work would be manual and all about making our famous Swiss cheeses.  There would be variety in the job if he wanted it – he might alternate between loading milk into vats, making sure cheese shapes were regular and transporting produce around the factory – or he could choose to become an expert in a particular area.  Johan spent some time trying a variety of jobs and eventually settled into QA jobs, such as temperature checking, weighing and sizing, and strict rotation of stock in the stores.

After four years, Johan was ready to move into a more senior role and he was very excited about his development.  He took on supervising duties for an area of the production run, in his case QA control.  Johan made sure his teams worked to strict limits and over a few years, his teams became the top performing team in the company.  He excelled at management and NCCS rewarded him well for his hard work.

In time Johan took control of a second area, showing he could work well across boundaries at a higher level.  He began to attend courses designed to move him into the third and highest level in the company and he has just taken up his new tier three post.  He is now responsible for developing strategic policies for disposal of cheese plugs.

The most popular Swiss cheese has many holes in its form and the hole-making process is a patented trade secret.  Cheese engineers spend many years studying at university to learn how to design, place and make the holes in Swiss cheese.  But people like Johan who work their way through the company are crucial in implementing the design genius of our engineers.  Without people like him Switzerland would be hidden under a cheese-plug mountain in weeks.   

Johan has a bright future in strategic cheese-plug disposal.  Do you have what it takes to join him?

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