Sunday, 30 September 2012

153: 2012 Prophecy

Everything that changed could be traced back to that year.  People feared 2012 because the Mayans forecast the end of the world.  They just didn’t know in what way it would end.

The Mayan disc prophesized for many years then stopped at 2012 without explanation.  Until then the prophecies had been accurate so as day in late 2012 drew close, people were scared.  They made peace with their estranged family members, did those things on the bucket list they always wanted to do.  Those rich enough went to visit remote corners of the world known for spiritual relief and prayed to gods they previously didn’t believe in, to save them from the disaster.

So when everyone woke up the next morning and found life still going on as before, a tide of euphoria swept the world.  Some hailed it as proof of God, some as the chance of a new start.  Many began the descent of man into the hellish pit of life it is today.  Perhaps not many, but certainly enough.

Celebrations continued for 20 days and 20 nights, food and wine available free to all, neighbour loving neighbour and each caring about the other.  When life began to revert to normal, some people started to believe they were special, that they had survived the foretold doom and were invincible.  These people were clever, surrounding themselves with those who were easy to control and to manipulate, and those who would guard them on the promise of future protection themselves.

Worldwide a growing movement of Invincibility took followers from amongst those least able to fight against it.  They were won over with sweet words and promises of eternal life, in return for devotion and material gifts.  Houses were signed over and monthly finances shared, but followers were encouraged to live their usual lives.  Their new mission was to win over yet more followers.  And they did, by the million.

The Invincibility movement failed to plan for the future, failed to save and failed to care about its converts.  It believed everyone was invincible, simply by association with the leaders.  So when people were cold or hungry, it offered no care or comfort, telling them they were invincible and nothing could hurt them.  The people began to die but still more joined.  Word spread that those who died hadn’t been invincible because they didn’t believe or didn’t give enough to the leaders.  So they worked harder, believed more and gave everything.

Now, not even 60 years on from the 2012 origin, mankind has no capacity to take care of itself.  The leaders and their families are very rich, the followers and their families very poor in every way thinkable.  Nobody has the strength to declare they are not invincible and to start to rebuild society as it used to be.  Perhaps the Mayans knew what they were predicting after all.

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