Saturday, 8 September 2012

131: Pilgrim Farther

It’s all a bit embarrassing really, but we didn’t intend to get to America.  When our ship left Plymouth we all sang hymns, rejoicing in our Lord.  The wind was brisk, the sails full and billowing with the expectation of our task.

Then we prayed.  All of us, good and hard.  Which was the problem.  We should have left someone in charge of the ship’s wheel.

As we turned and buffeted on the waves, we trusted God would steer us along the right path to find our destination.  Nobody thought about the solely navigational reality that we might veer off our intended course.

We were equipped for a difficult and lengthy conversion when we landed, so as the journey stretched into days and weeks, we did not go short of rations as long as we ate carefully.

In time, America hove into view, although we did not know that was our location for some time.  We disembarked and set about doing the Lord’s work.

On reflection, maybe he sent us to the best place after all.  We could do good work here, and we did.

He knows best.  Perhaps it was too soon for His work on the Isle of Wight.

Inspiration: The Pilgrim Fathers discovering America

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